7 Signs of Common Septic Tank Problems 

One of the most annoying problems that a homeowner can have is a fault septic tank. Those foul smells lurking out of the septic tank can cause major health problems especially if not addressed right away. It doesn’t need a professional to know that you’re having a problem in your septic tanks. We put up the following signs for you. If you notice at least one or two of them, call septic service Dayton Ohio right away. 

1. Pipe Gurgling Sounds 

One of the first indications that you’re having a septic tank problem is the gurgling sounds that come from your pipe. If you run the water or flush the toilet and you hear some gurgling sounds from the pipe, that’s a sign that you have a full septic tank. It might need pumping, so call a professional right away to do the septic pumping 

2. Issues with Toilet Flushing 

If you use the toilet and it won’t flush or the flushing is slow, it means that there’s wrong with the septic system. Even if you tried unclogging it or fixing the problem with a plunger but still it won’t flush, it means that the tank is full too. The pipes might also be clogged. Whatever solution necessary for the problem, professionals can be of great help.  

3. Slow Drains 

If you notice that the some of the sinks you have at home, like the bathroom sink, bathtub or kitchen sink are draining slowly, it means that there are problems in your pipe systems or the septic system.  

4. Foul Odors 

The most obvious sign that you’re having a septic tank problem is that the smell is really bad. If the septic tank problem is really bad, you might smell toxic sulfur. If you go near where the septic tank is buried, the bad smell will increase and there’s a big possibility that the raw sewage just escaped the tank, creating that very bad smell.  

5. Greener Grass 

Take a look at the grass surrounding the septic tank area. If that portion of the yard is greener compare to the rest of the space, that area is enjoying the extra fertilizer that it gets from the septic tank. This means that the septic tank has been having some issues for quite some time.  

6. Water Backup 

If there’s a water backup when you use the water system in your house, or if the sewage has backed up into your home, call professionals right away. One of the worse signs that you have a faulty septic system is sewage backups.  

7. Patches of Standing Water 

If you see patches of standing water of puddles in your yard, it means that there’s probably something wrong in your septic system. Once the septic system fails, the smelly water will accumulate in the drain field. This should be addressed right away because it’s a threat to your family’s health. If there are little puddles around the septic tank, call professionals immediately.